Accountability means there are no excuses

Accountability means there are no excuses
Date Published: July 14, 2015
Ida Centoni Montgomery

Responsibility is not something anyone can do; it’s a way of thinking and being by choice. So is being trustworthy. And to be responsible and trustworthy, Realtors need to ask questions, make agreements, and clarify everything in writing. If not, they risk suffering the source of all upsets: mixed messages and misspent expectations.
When responsible, real estate agents believe that the buyer and seller success or failure is up to them. Even when they work with other Realtors, commonly known selling agents on listings or listing agents of their buyers purchase property, i.e. outside brokers — they know if they are blind-sided by unforeseen circumstances of others in the transaction, they will own their commitment to their client. They create results driven by facts.
Being responsible “either way” is a choice. And yes, we all know it’s easy to claim responsibility when things go well, but many sales people find it hard when they don’t. A responsible person providing a service knows real professionals accept responsibility both ways. Personal accountability guarantees your success and theirs. No nonsense, no lies and they believe there are no excuses.
As openly stated by Alexander Pope, “An excuse is worse than a lie, for an excuse is a lie, guarded.”
Outstanding agents are those who are accountable for their actions even if nobody holds them accountable and know nobody can catch them. They are their own “accountability cop” and they police themselves on the long and winding road of a real estate transaction, choose accountability and speak the truth at every turn.
So when it is time for you to engage with a real estate professional and you want your transaction done right, look and listen to see if the agent you’re selecting is willing to be 100 percent responsible for the outcomes in your transaction. Not a little. Not somewhat. Not pretty much. They own it 100 percent — good or bad — with no wiggle room. And here is what I know for sure: The real estate industry is a self-policing business.

Ida Centoni Montgomery has been a Residential Listing Expert for over 20 years in Northern California. She can be reached at (530) 718-0005 or emailed at Visit her website at