Here’s a quiz for homeowners

Here’s a quiz for homeowners
Date Published: April 20, 2015
Annie and Nikki Holmes

Sometimes even we are amazed by the amount of research that goes into buying, selling and maintaining a home. So we couldn’t resist the chance to share our discoveries in case you too have caught the springtime bug to renovate, update or glorify your home.
From the following list, see if you can pick out the rehabs that will cost you less in time, in money, and in total household disruption.
1. Converting your attic to a bedroom
2. Refinishing your hardwood floors
3. Remodeling a bathroom
4. Minor kitchen remodel
5. Creating a basement entertainment center
6. Replacing a roof
If you picked No. 2, score yourself a gold star. In dollars, a facelift for your floors will run you less out of pocket ($1.50 to $4 a square foot.), and add a goodly amount to the value of your home. But the inconvenience factor is high, as you move furniture from room to room, cover upholstered pieces to protect from dust, and bear with that front-yard dumpster holding your old torn-up carpeting.
If you picked No. 4, maybe you already know that when it comes time to sell, an updated kitchen is usually the clincher. In our survey, here’s what’s involved. Replacing kitchen cabinet door fronts, plus new hardware, appliances, sinks, faucets and flooring. The national average is under $20,000 and should take less than two weeks. But the agony can be acute if your family doesn’t love order-in meals.
No. 6, a roof replacement, assumes you’re envisioning asphalt shingles—no Mediterranean tiles or Victorian copper sheeting. This is a job that costs about the same as the high end of floor refinishing and takes only a week to complete. We could have could have labeled it the bargain improvement, but it’s really more maintenance than upgrade. At resale time, buyers only notice roofs if they’re in pitiful shape
We know our readers are too smart to think that adding on a whole room is the least expensive in right-this-minute dollars. But maybe some of you are calculating how much that added square footage will boost your home’s resale value. The attic bedroom runs $52,000, and the basement fun center $10,000 more. Much of the work goes on outside family living space, so the 10-week job may be inconvenient but bearable.
Our figures come from widespread sources. They should help as a comparison, but your favorite contractor might pleasantly surprise you!

Nikki Holmes is Broker/Owner of Gold Rush Realty. Annie Holmes is publicist for GoldStar Homes & Gold Rush Realty, Inc. Reach them at (530) 906-7745, or at Gold Rush Realty offices in Auburn or Fair Oaks.