Reader feedback keeps us going, inspires new columns

Reader feedback keeps us going, inspires new columns
Date Published: April 27, 2015
Annie and Nikki Holmes

One of the pleasures of writing for a local publication is that we hear from you personally.
We meet you at the grocery store, the dog park, at church, and on the street. And of course you e-mail.
Some of your comments are heart-warmers that keep us going, but others deserve to be shared.
• Do you remember our column on Tiny Houses (“Do tiny houses have a future here?” Dec. 19)? We ended by predicting these miracles of minimalization were not on the near horizon for our particular market, but you surprised us.
We’ve heard from more than a few of you, who wrote that you love the concept, and want to know where to buy one, install one—or in one case, sell one that a talented reader has designed and built himself. We still have no answers where to locate one, except as a permitted guesthouse or poolside cabana. But as the world knows, when demand is strong enough, supply will follow.
• Our column on finding a quiet neighborhood (“Finding quiet in a noisy world,” Aug. 29) was aimed to help buyers. We designed a checklist for noise levels, and our clients found it so useful they shared it around.
We also heard from a landscaper, who recommended various plantings to baffle noise from traffic and raucous neighbors.
A reader who works the night shift recommended his white noise CD.
• The haunted house column (“Would you buy a haunted house?” Oct. 31) brought an unexpected response. Two of you thanked us for explaining that those eerie creaks and groans probably come from aging timbers as they expand and contract. But a lot of you, we learned, love the possibility of having a family ghost, who gets blamed whenever keys go missing or soufflés don’t rise.
• We’re especially grateful to readers who responded to “Finding the house that got away.” (Oct. 3) If you missed it, this piece outlined some of the most ethereal requests that agents sometimes get: a house that buyers narrowly missed out on and hope to find in replica, or a house with some special feature maybe only read about or dreamed of. Apparently readers en-joyed learning we keep files on odd features like bay windows and wraparound porches, encouraging us to keep on going that extra mile.
Though reader feedback typically deals with columns past, you almost always include a word or phrase to inspire a column of the future.
So thank you.

Nikki Holmes is Broker/Owner of Gold Rush Realty. Annie Holmes is publicist for GoldStar Homes & Gold Rush Realty, Inc. Reach them at (530) 906-7745, or at Gold Rush Realty offices in Auburn or Fair Oaks.