Don’t stop at saving water – tips on conserving energy, food, money, time

Don’t stop at saving water – tips on conserving energy, food, money, time
Date Published: June 8, 2015
Kristi Meyer

Peggy has been saving water for the past 35 years having “lived in our semi-arid environment through 3-plus droughts.” Here is what Peggy shared on how she saves water and energy.
Peggy keeps large buckets by her utility sink in the laundry area and fills them with the rinse water from a load of laundry; then she uses that water for her next load’s wash cycle. It saves about 12-15 gallons of water per wash load.
For those with dishwashers: the technology for dishwashers has improved enough that most don’t need much rinsing of dirty dishes before loading. Most people are still in the habit of rinsing most of the grime off the dishes, which can add up to a few gallons of wasted water for each load. It’s still a good idea to scrape off most of the bits, then just load it (fully, of course), and see how well your dishwasher cleans. You’ll figure out which type of stuck-on food still needs more advance soaking/scrubbing, but I was surprised how much my 10-year-old dishwasher removed on its own.
To save energy, Peggy says, “in our dry climate, we really don’t need to use the drying cycle; just open the door at the end of the last rinse.”
Thank you for sharing, Peggy. Saving water, energy, food, money, time, you name it, is what my articles are about.
I was listening to a radio program that talked about saving water, but the topic was how to save food. The theory is if we waste food, we are wasting water because it takes water to produce the food.
Here are some tips to save food, which will also help you save money!
The fridge should be 43 degrees or cooler. Any warmer and your food won’t last as long.
Keep your crackers and chips in a cool place. Keeping them in a cupboard that gets warm (above the oven or stove for instance) will shorten their shelf life.
Dates on products usually indicate quality, not safety. Milk and eggs can usually be used up to 8-10 days longer than the date indicated.
If you have some great ways that you save, feel free to share with us.

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