Sharing water-saving tips

Sharing water-saving tips
Date Published: April 20, 2015
Kristi Meyer

Thank you to Rita and Charlie of Lincoln Hills for writing in on how they save water. At the young ages of 80 and 87, Rita and Charlie say that growing up in the depression era taught them to appreciate all things and that includes water.
Here is how they save water at their home. First, they have pans and buckets it sounds like in every room that has running water. In the kitchen, they catch water in a three-gallon bucket. This is water saved from washing hands, rinsing veggies, food and larger utensil items. They transfer that water into five-gallon buckets and when they get half full, they transfer the water outside for their plants or use it in their bathrooms for flushing. They also catch water from the shower while waiting for it to warm and use it in the same fashion and, of course, their showers are short!
In their bathroom they use their $1 pans they bought at the Dollar Store to catch the water from hand washing and washing other items by hand. Again, that water is used for flushing and watering plants.
If you would like to send your tips on how you save water, email me at itmatterstokristi@ for your chance to win a drying rack.

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