Placer County has a lot to offer

Placer County has a lot to offer
Date Published: May 2, 2014

As an Auburn area Realtor I am often asked by people who are thinking about moving to the area why they should.
I am never at a loss for reasons.
I tell them that I moved here when I was 24 years old and I never left. I tell them that I could live anywhere in the world but I choose to live here.
I didn't have family when I came here but I made friends. Good friends. I was impressed with how laid-back and relaxed the people were. I liked how the grocery clerks talked to you while you were in line. They asked how you were doing, how your work and family were doing.
I was struck by the beauty and diversity of the countryside, from the steep mountain terrain and tall pine trees to the rolling oaks and babbling streams. I especially loved the spring, with beautiful wild flowers growing out of the rocks.
Placer County has so much to offer.
As we real Realtors like to say it has location, location, location. Its recreational opportunities are endless. Canyon hikes and white water rafting are right outside ones backdoor.
It’s just an hours drive from Auburn to world-class ski resorts like
Sugar Bowl and Squaw Valley where the Winter Olympics were once held.
San Francisco is only a couple of hours drive to the west.
We are home to the Western States and Tevis Cup 100-mile endurance events for man and for beast.
This is a great area for cyclists. Everyone gets excited when the Amgen tour rolls through.
When I first moved here there were only two traffic signals in town and all they did were blink.
We're not stuck in our past, in fact we bring some of the best parts of our past with us. Like the resurgence of our rich agricultural heritage.
We no longer have to drive an hour and a half to Napa to enjoy good wine tasting. We actually have our own wine trail and local breweries. Our local farmers and ranchers are contributing to the farm to fork movement as well as to the menus of our fine local restaurants.
We have a vibrant Old Town complete with a boardwalk and historic post office where our local characters come to hang out and watch the world go by.
For the fashion conscience, the Galleria is a 20 minute drive away.
There are plenty of other reasons to live here and I apologize if I missed any. Living in Placer County is a matter of good Home $$$s and Sense.

Sue Thompson is the owner of HomeTown Realtors in Auburn. She can be reached at, or at