Clean up and stand out to buyers

Clean up and stand out to buyers
Date Published: July 15, 2011

Now is a great time to take care of the exterior details that will make your home stand out when buyers first lay eyes on it.
Starting at the top, make sure your roofing materials are functional and looking good. Gutters should be cleaned out and repaired, and any signs of water damage eliminated.
Little details have a huge impact. Paint is cheap, but pays off handsomely when you apply it to any trim, railings, shutters, and especially the front door.
A new knob and knocker wouldn’t hurt, and a new mailbox and street numbers make a good impression, too.
Once you’ve improved those details, light it all up with attractive outdoor lighting.
Finally, there’s the front yard and driveway. Your walkways and driveway set the tone for the rest of the scene, so make sure they are meticulously swept, edged and maintained.
Of course, mow the lawn regularly, keep it fertilized for a lush look, and keep pulling those weeds.
It’s easy to save money while still giving your yard an expensive landscaped look by simply buying lots of beautiful flowering plants.
Plant them in groups and place mulch around them, or use large pretty pots on your porch and strategic areas around your driveway and walkways.
You know how important first impressions are, so don’t waste any opportunity to maximize your home’s appeal.

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