"Recently I have had the pleasure of working with Gold Country Media to aide in the sale of our mobile home.  The representative that helped us with this project was professional, courteous, and extremely helpful!  Almost immediately we started receiving calls about the home.  Thanks to their help this home is now being enjoyed by the new owner."

 Thank you Gold Country Media!


Property Manager


“I had an Open House in Granite Bay for a three hour time frame.  I put the Open House on Gold country Media the night before for the first time.  I had 15 people through, mostly neighbors but I also got 3 people who had read about it on your website.  One couple asked “why wasn’t the home next door on that site?”  and I said well it is not automatic the individual agents enter the Open House information on that website.  I was really very pleased with the fact that three of the 15 came from your posting!  I will enter all my Open Houses on this site from now on, Thank You!

Cheryl Keller
Remax Gold Real Estate

"With our real estate and home mortgage situation changing so quickly, I decided to reconstruct my website to be a “real estate resource” for my concerned foothill friends and neighbors. Thanks to my participation and exposure through Gold Country Homes online, I’ve received a marked increase in personal calls and emails of “thanks” from many people!"
Jerry Woods
Lyon Real Estate

"I have incorporated an online exposure with Gold Country Homes because I feel it is one of the gateway access points for people from out of town and locals alike. With a very high and growing portion of the public searching for homes and Realtors® on the web, I want to align myself with a major local presence like GoldCountryHomes.com."
Cathy Sarmento
Keller Williams

"Dear Gold Country Media,
I wanted to let you know that your elistings
have been very successful for my business! I received two new listings as a result of the new e-listings with Gold Country Media. They were on line and found your e-listings and gave me a call to list their properties. They both said that it was due to the fact that I used both print ad and internet ads! I am so excited to see what this new year is going to bring my way as a result of my new advertising methods! Again, thank you for encouraging me to give e-listings a try!! It WORKS!!"
Laurie McCrary

"My belief is that every Realtor must have an online video presence to broaden their online exposure.
I’ve reviewed GoldCountryHomes.com and I recommend it highly as a resource to expand and diversify Realtors and their client’s online presence... It’s essential to success in real estate. It WORKS!!"
Rob Saxe
ReMax Gold

"HomeTown Realtors partnership with GoldCountryHomes.com has enabled the company to firmly establish itself in the community as a dominant force.
The high profile marketing has been priceless. Thank you Gold Country!"
Sue Thompson
HomeTown Realtors